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Wouldn't it be good if Alamy told us our ranking? Being as they send out an email to the top 500 togs they know exactly what each individual ranking is. Alamy could put it just below the number of images we have on our profile.


Or would this cause controversy!



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Alamy certainly believes it has good reason to keep our ranks secret, but the frustration this causes runs very deep. It's not exactly that knowing or not knowing our rank is a problem, it's that not knowing what specific steps we can take to improve our rank is holding back our careers. Backers of secrecy will point out that you can read all the static content on keywording or image quality, but without solid information from the source, it's hard to know what's worth the trouble and what isn't.


Worse, there's no way of knowing (except for vague assurances) if we even have any chance of improving our ranks, no matter what we do. Many of us are floundering as we try to game a system that we're expected to work in and not allowed to understand.


At some point, Alamy should offer those of us who display a serious committment to the collection a kind of road map - specific things to do and directions to take so that we can improve our rank. I ask that Alamy think of this as a sort of affirmation for those of us who have worked hard on our collections.


As for making my rank public; Amazon.com issues a rank for each of my books and an overall author rank too. At this hour, I rank 74,938 in the hierachy of Amazon authors.

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There is no way to 'game' the system.


You get a good rank by submitting pictures that generate sales and zooms. Good keywording is important because without that, your images don't get seen.


So, the only thing you can do is submit your best work and keyword it well. 

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