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Hi guys. thanks for answering my last question I really appreciate it. I have a question about paying models. Im a guys that is new to this so forgive me if I sound a little ignorant. I have been thinking about planning a shoot with a model. I was wondering how much the standard cost for a model would go? How do they usually get paid especially if I was going to post the photos on this site?

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Hi Allen


I would not use paid for models for general stock, ie here. Only specialist agencies.

For here it is family and friends or a couple of shots fitted in at the end of a shoot.


Hi Mark,


I do not use models at all unless they are within the shot I happen to be taking at the time on the street etc. ;)


My ££s remark above was half serious and the other half an attempt at being a bit light hearted. (My CTR having dropped through the floor) :angry:



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