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That's the 'Natural Environment Research Council' (UK).
Just as a matter of interest, this could be a location to note down as a search for licensed images.  They publish a monthly spreadsheet of their spending (listing on their website going back to April 2010).  Unfortunately, the spreadsheets don't contain togs names, just details of amounts paid monthly to Alamy, so I guess it's down to a search of their Website or their publications.
Just a quickie to start - from the Planet Earth Winter edition 2013 (link to pdf)  The full archive listings for the planet Earth mag. (back to 2008) are here.
Apologies if this is old news to some :) !

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Completed Programmes - Genes and the environment (page and pdf)
AG2M2E by Heather Angel / Natural Visions
Flowers by Contributor 'flor-ally' (can't find)
A0323X by Kathy Wright
A90F27 by Lawrence Stepanowicz

Coke bottles by Fredrik Renander (can't find)


OK - worn out now and all this stuff is likely very old.  I'll hand over the baton in case anyone wants to take this further.

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