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I had a sale of an image with the following: 

17 February 2014 Rights Managed Country: Slovak Republic
Usage: Editorial
Media: Magazine - Print only
Print run: up to 10,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1 page
Start: 01 January 2014
End: 01 February 2014
Includes Digital Rights. $ 12.01


Image size : 1 page , and just $12 for that . Well, it does not stop at this , Alamy has taken 30% and given 40% to Distributor Commission !!! with a balance to $3.61 !!!


Is this for real ??? Does not even cover for uploading charges !!!!


Regards ,


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Welcome to the wonderful world of profimedia.com


If you sign up for distribution you have to take the rough with the smooth....and there's lots of rough these days.

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But if they licensed this image for, say, five times the amount (which is still too cheap but realistic and competitive in this market ), Alamy's bottom line would raise exponentially and the contributor would be a tad more happy - not much, but a tad more!  

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