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In my time on Alamy I've really only been firing on editorial news type images. Quick grabs of local, social or newsworthy stuff. That's ok if you're selling, however, when you don't, you're pretty much hoping for a newspaper sale to come along later. I get the odd sale which is ok for only having 1200 images. 


I took this image the other night. 




It's of my HTC One phone. I'm glad to say that I am the only person on the whole of Alamy that has submitted a picture of HTC's latest flagship phone. Probably not now after everyone reads this. 

As far as an amateur product shot, and the DOF being very shallow, is there anything you'd change about the shot? It was a one flash light set up with hand made light box. Glass panel on top of white paper and a reflector bouncing some light back into the scene. The drop shadow was deliberate. I just want to gauge if I'm going in the right direction. Subject matter could be quite important this year with regards to HTC, however, I can't give all my knowledge away :)


I did take this without reading up on any product photography at all as I didn't want to mess my mind with different techniques, however, since this I've been watching the work of Alex Koloskov and he drums in the Law of reflection and how important it is in product photography. Is there still a place for this type of stuff on Alamy?


Any feedback welcome of course :)





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Yes, i also say always completely white if you want to use white. Otherwise choose something that fits with the phone. Wooden background of a table. Like i said something that fits. Of course not phone on a stone tile.


Better wooden background then "not white" white.





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