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I shoot primarily with a Canon 5DM2 and five or six months ago purchased the NEX 6 to carry in my backpack/purse, and to use where the larger Canon attracts too much attention. Although I'm happy enough with the NEX 6 images under standard lighting conditions, I have not been able to post high ISO/available light images taken with the NEX 6, just too much noise. It's good enough for stock images but I still prefer the Canon for my serious photography. I have a 200mm zoom and a 50mm prime for the Canon but I use my 24-105mm zoom most of the time. I do have a Canon-brand lens hood on it but I don't have serious issues with vignetting and I can't say that I've noticed much CA either. If I had the money I'd love to upgrade to the 5DM3 or possibly the Nikon D800.

Hi Lynn,

I had the same problem with the hood, but the setting: Peripheral Illumination Correction - pretty much solved this.


If you are not familiar with this, I have an old blog entry about the feature:




I pretty much agree with you - and I am using the same equipment...


PS Sorry, I now see that you say "you don't have serious issues with vignetting. So my post is more or less irrelevant then, but I will leave it...

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Thank you Mark, I "grew up" shooting B&W with a Nikon F2 Photomic so I have an enduring love for it. My website is only a month old so your visit should be a very large blip on Google Analytics. I can't wait to see the stats tomorrow. :)


Niels, its interesting information that I'm sure someone might be able to use. So far I exclusively use the lens correction in CS6 does the Canon software offer any advantages? I only mentioned the lens hood because an after market lens hood that isn't properly manufactured could cause corner vignetting.

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