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OK, it sounds like Controlled Vocabularies and Hierarchial Keywording isn't a big thing for Alamy contributors. I've not used, normally write keywords in a word processor then open a processed and corrected JPG in IrfanView which handles IPTC keywords very simply and well for Alamy.

I keep track of my photos in IMatch database. It's a Digital Assets Management system which strongly suggests using this industry standard way of handling keywords and metadata. Seems sensible as a way to find a wanted photo out of many tens of thousands in ones collection but seems complicated if starting this after a large collection is built up. Lightroom and probably many others do the same sort of approach. I'm just trying to get my head around it all.

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A spell checker in image manager would be nice. I suppose I could write keywords in word and copy them across. In fact I might start doing that.

 Thanks Charles! 😁 

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9 hours ago, Mr Standfast said:

A spell checker in image manager would be nice.

My browser does a spellcheck as I enter captions and keywords in Image manager. If you’ve already got a dictionary of your terms, then some browsers can import into theirs. 



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