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Having trouble with uploading my first picture

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Hi Alamy community


I am new to here and I would like to now how come my first three pictures are failed to upload.

my pictures are JPG format but the system tells me my pictures need to be in EXIF format, what should I do

Thank you very much!


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I'm guessing that you have deleted the exif data from your jpegs somehow.


QC need to have the exif so they can see if your camera is suitable for Alamy.


When you export to jpeg check the metadata box is set to include all metadata.


Good luck.





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Posted (edited)

To be blunt and hopefully kind as well in the longer term, in my opinion, if the OP doesn't know that what EXIF is and that it is not an image file format, they need to go back to the drawing board and learn the fundamentals of digital photography before submitting to Alamy. 

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Kleenex, EXIF data is metadata that's embedded in JPEGs and some other types of image (and audio) files. See this. Like Mr. Standfast said, somehow your EXIF data is getting stripped. How are you processing and saving your images? 

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