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Poor discoverability

Eduardo Comesana


I am a relatively new contributor but all my pictures are labeled under the ominous "poor discoverability" label. I must say that, in spite of this situation, a fair amount of my pictures were eventually sold. Anyway I am curious enough to know how many keywords are necessary in order to obtain a "good discoverability" prize by Alamy?

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Hello Eduardo,


The discoverability bar changes colour at 50 tags. It's not the quantity of tags that matters it's the relevence of the tags to your images and how that matches the customers search.


Some help here:-



I pasticulary like the sentence "Don’t feel you have to force words just to add more tags. You shouldn’t be including tags that are of little or no relevance to the photo."


Conratulations on being the first to raise the question of discoverability in 2024.


Good luck.

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I have over 51,000 images on Alamy, 49,000 of which have 'poor discoverability'.
But they still get discovered on a fairly regular basis.
NEVER add a keyword just to make up the numbers if don't think someone would want to find that pic using that search term.

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