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Malcolm Whittle 1929-2013

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For any of my friends here who knew Malcolm, especially in his first days when he started Leeds Camera Centre, I should pass on the news that he passed away peacefully in his sleep on December 30th and his funeral is tomorrow in Switzerland. He was a remarkable character and businessman, and helped me at two stages in my career - setting out as a teenager, and 20 years later, launching my first magazine. He did the unexpected, using the equity from selling Leeds to acquire Elinchrom in Lausanne, a process which involved applying for and receiving Swiss citizenship. For 26 years he lived in Switzerland, bringing up a new family (at an age when few would think of marrying again and doing so). His (British) son Chris will be known to many UK photographers, as director of The Flash Centre and PSC Ltd, Elinchrom's marketing arms in the UK.


My thoughts will be with Chris tomorrow. I'll fire a 21-flash salute from my Elinchroms.



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Thank you posting this, David - although I didn't know of Malcolm.


I was however an account holder at Leeds (they supplied my first G3 Mac system) and used their Elinchrome service via the Flash Centre in the Brunswick precinct and therefore interested in the man who made it happen.


Sadly, my flash heads can no longer fire off a salute in sync with you, though I will in spirit.




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Thanks for that news...Leeds Camera Centre's Newport store was my main source of equipment and consumables for years - and their branch manager gave me what is still my one and only prize for a photograph, decades ago


my Elinchroms are still working and i'll join you in a salute




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