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  1. I agree the 'sin bin' time is too excessive. Of late I have spent most of my time in this place ! To withhold perfectly saleable images for a 28 day period seems a rather silly way of doing business, it just doesn't seem to not make commercial sense. Most of my failed material is immediately placed with another library, thus starving Alamy of highly saleable material. I find the 28 day holding period depressing, frustrating and stressful. Having been with Alamy for 10 years I have noticed the problem is now worse than when I began.
  2. Been with Alamy for just 10 years. Total images on site : 5780, Gross income $32800. Sales have been falling of late, a bit worrying. Perhaps this is because lately I have spent a considerable time in the 'sin bin'. The eyes aren't as sharp these days ! Cheers everybody, Brian Lawrence
  3. I have a permanent 'seat' in the 'sin bin'. It's not very comfortable but I have to live with it. The 28 day punishment period is more than most criminals get. Come into the real world Alamy. Best wishes to all..........inclusing the Alamy staff. See, I am now a creep. Brian
  4. All this is very interesting and informative, especially as, when the price falls, I intend to purchase an X-T1. Currently I use an X-E1, superb camera and currently selling s/h at peanut prices owing to the plethora of new models hitting the market. No-one as yet has mentioned the use of grad.filters. When I used my long gone Canon 5DMk2 there was an aperture stop down button in order to check the depth of field . It also enabled one to see exactly where the dividing line was on a grad . filter. I suppose the only way to see the effect now is to put the filter in place, make an exposure
  5. Buy an iPhone ? Not on your Nellie. I suppose they are okay for ' happy snappers', of which Alamy, has thousands.
  6. Alamy was never a photographic library because it opened its doors to every Tom, Dick or Harry who, irrespective of image content, could pass QC . I think Alamy has degenerated into a Car Boot Sale. Allegedly I am told that the Alamy management team would not know the difference between a dropped front and a tilted back. I am now so pleased I am no longer a supplier.
  7. Do Lee filters, in fact do any filter manufacturers make filters for iPhones ? If not , where does this leave all the creative landscape photographers ? Do they have to find a library that appreciates their work, or do they sell their own images to clients who appreciate quality ?
  8. Must buy an iPhone cos the administrator has told us ONE advertising client is buying a phone image. WOW! This the way forward boys and girls, it wouldn't surprise me if Alamy began a phone production line. Why not make the phone that takes the picture.
  9. I'm constantly being sin binned. So last week I submitted identical images to Alamy and Getty. The Getty one passed QC in one hour, the Alamy one has no doubt failed as it is still waiting QC. I feel Alamy has a problem.
  10. I opened my mouth too soon. My reply was printed therefore I apologise to all. I won't make anyone envious but that shot of Big Ben and Queen Boadicea has sold so many times I have now lost count. Bit of a bugger when one can't remember what you earned from an image. Good luck to all, Brian
  11. I replied to Mark Bolton's comments but it seems the moderator didn't like the truth. I'm sure Mark would smiled at my reply.
  12. Hi Mark, When you discover a camera that will correct the verticals in a single image of Big Ben and The Statue of Queen Boadicea, let me know and I'll buy one. The image you refer to has been shot hundreds if not thousands of times and I have yet to see one without converging verticals. ha ha ha , what's funny Mark ?
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