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Hi, there,

I'm pretty new here, so it's certainly nice to introduce myself. I'm a photographer specializing in sports and portraits. But to be honest, I'm passionate about image creation and can take pictures of anything and everything. What I like is to freeze time for a moment and create memories through snapshots. Alamy is my favorite place at the moment, even if I still don't understand all its workings. It's sometimes difficult to sell these photos and sometimes. 
I'll also try to participate more here in the discussion forum.
You can see my portfolio here[1], I've still got a lot to learn about photography but I hope to keep going because it's a real thrill and a great source of motivation.


[1] https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/1230158.html

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Welcome! Nice action shots and some lovely portraits, including some of those sports close-ups. 


Are you from Stockholm? It's a great city - loved it when I visited. I hadn't realize it was an archipelago and I loved traveling on Lake Maclaren to various parts of the city. Only had a few days there - hope to visit again. 


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