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Add to Gallery files from portfolio



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Don't know what OP means either. I don't think we have them- the only 'gallery' I can think of is the page generated as a search result.

Unless he's referring to the portfolio page. I haven't looked at mine for 5 years so I can't recall how you use it.

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Fabrizio, I'm assuming you know how to create new galleries in the first place but for anyone that doesn't click on the + (plus) sign on your portfolio page then name and save your gallery. To add images to any gallery click on the "curate gallery" box next to the gallery name. Then use the search within portfolio box to find relevant images. All the returned images will have a + sign and the message "add to gallery". Just click that and you are done. If you want to change the order of the gallery images just click and drag them to where you want.

To share your gallery click on the three lines next to its name. You can then either copy the gallery URL to post anywhere or use the direct post to Twitter/Facebook options. Hope I explained that clearly :) As an example here is a link to my Aviation gallery https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/davidfowler/aviationandairshows.html

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