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Is this commission normal?

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One of my photos has just sold for $82.22. I see that Alamy is taking $72.40 as commission & charges. Is this normal? It works out as Alamy taking 87.8% commission 7 charges. This is excessive.

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I can only suggest you read the Alamy contract in full. Your answer is in there.




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The breakdown will be in the balance of account for that licence, but I don't know how the commission can go above 76%, for a distributor sale. Affiliate fees are usually billed later.

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You can check in your balance of account the details of the license commissions, but as far as I see the numbers are:


Total license: 82,22

Distributor commission (40%): 32,89

Alamy commission (80% after deducting distributor fee): 39,46

The rest (net for you): 82,22 - 32,89 - 39,46 = 9,87


All this numbers are made in the assuming that your are in Silver model.

You can check all the commission, rates, fees, etc here: https://www.alamy.com/terms/contributor-commission-table.aspx

I know that this numbers suc**s...I'm in Silver model too since this July and that it is totally discouraging...

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