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Rats, the last e-mail I had from them said:

Dear Reimar,
We're getting ready to launch Payback 2023 later this month.
Until then, we kindly request that you do not make any edits to your account as the Payback website is undergoing important system updates.
 We will be in touch in the next few days with the Payback 2023 launch date and deadlines. 

They say they send out reminders, but I got nothing.

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The way I read the FAQS, specifically, "Why do I need to fill out Part 1?" and "Why...Part 2?" it appears that filling out Part 1 is encouraged but optional and that meeting the April deadline for Part 2 is the part that's essential to receive payment. However, when I read further down, specifically, "When will I receive my Payback royalties?" It says that you'll be paid in the fall provided you meet the deadlinesso this contradicts what the say above - but I also read somewhere that if you didn't update your Part 1 they'll assume it's the same as last year, maybe the same re Part 2 as well. I can't recall where I saw it, maybe an email. Tried to find it - no luck. 


I was hoping to put your mind at ease, but the info above seems contradictory, but I still think you're probably ok if you call or email them and say you've made a claim in the past and ask them to use you prior Part 1 info. I missed the deadline some years ago because I assumed it was midnight GMT. I contacted them and they just used my info from the prior year.  Hope that helps. I'm American and they still extended the courtesy, and I bet they like Canadians more 😎


Good luck!


The FAQS are here.




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The info I have now is that if no new info is provided for Part 1 or 2, DACS just uses last year's info.  I had 240 numbers so far, so I guess I'll have two years worth to add in 2024.

I'm still pissed that DACS didn't send me a deadline reminder (and it didn't go in any spam folder).


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