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Can illustrations pass QC without title and keywords?



Hey guys :)

Im completely new to alamy. Today my submission was accepted so I can start uploading :)
I wanted to upload my illustrations step by step and start with the oldest I have. The first hundreds illustrations I uploaded on other stockpages I didnt keywording, give titles... in lightroom like I did later on (coz I didn't know that this is possible to do^^). So I uploaded some old images via FTP, checked my alamy image manager and saw that there are in QC phase.
From other stockpages I had allways to set first keywords and titles...
My question is now: Can the submitted illustration pass QC without titles and keywords?

Thanks for any help :)


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You don't need to have any captions or keywords when you upload.  You can add those after they pass.  Of course, they won't go on sale until you add captions and keywords and the other mandatory fields.  Also fill in the optional fields.


I uploaded my first illustration a week ago and had no caption or keywords on it.



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