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How are you getting on with Pixsy? 


I am finding it extremely frustrating and time-consuming! 


Yes, I have contacted them to tell them so and they say they are grateful for the feedback and will pass it on. 


So, what about some more general feedback here that could be shared with Pixsy?

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I gave up on them a while back and closed my account because I found their website far too confusing and time consuming when checking matches. Maybe it was just me being dense? Maybe things have improved since then? Anyway, it was a shame because they did get me a very good settlement when someone on a holiday/hotel booking site used one of my pictures to advertise the locality around one of their sites.



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Yes it is all the endless clicking that is getting to me. I whittled down about 500 matches in UK to around 30 sensible ones - then the same ones reappear, BBC national newspapers, etc and they have to be clicked again.  Then go back an hour or two later an the 30 has grown to 80 as many already Ignored/Accepted one resurface ( without there being a new scan).


I wrote on the PA Affiliate thread about how I found loads and loads of pics on Google. Well, Pixsy found about 120 uses of that same image - and I had to click each one individually. Sometimes clicking doesn't work the first time, or even the second time.


And then all the hotlinks and nonsense websites in countries where Pixsy had no jurisdiction. 


This is what I sent them:



I just subscribed again and want to let you know how disappointing the search results are.
I am spending too much time clicking on the SAME images over and over again. One image has been found 122 times and there are others. Too many hotlinks. 
Domains such as the BBC that I have selected Ignore/Approved countless times before show up as new finds. 
Cases which have been discontinued or in progress show up as new matches. 
And the search seems to only cover a VERY small part of the web.
I know it is nothing to do with you but I wanted to let somebody know what a waste of time this is, especially as it often takes two or more clicks to Ignore an image.
Hope all is well with you - I just wanted to share my frustration.



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I gave them some feedback in 2018


You recently completed a short survey in our web app indicating that you would be unlikely to recommend Pixsy. We really appreciate your honest feedback as it's so important to know what our users think and when they are unhappy.


My main concern is that I find the new user interface almost incomprehensible. The old one was much better. I’m sure I’ve marked matches as “approved” or “ignore”, but they still keep reappearing. It’s tedious.





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I agree, I gave up my paid subscription and have gone back to the free. When I gave it up there seemed to be a flurry of activity resolving cases on their side but the amount of cases that can be resolved compared to the flagged images is tiny for me. It seems the world is wising up and I am sure everyone here who is on Pixsey knows how simple it is for an image stealer to "hide" (I am not going to say it on a public forum but you know the simple tactic they use).

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