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Rights managed in perpetuity - very low fee

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Hi, I have had a rights managed photo recently sold for a fee of $ 3.79 in perpetuity. I am curious what this means in practcie as previously it has sold for a short period of time for a similar editorial use for a higher amount. I am assuming that with in perpetuity I don't get any royalties and so will not be able to sell the picture again? Specifically it stated: 


Usage: Editorial, Online only, single article, to be published across web, online video and private TV, any size, in perpetuity, includes in context third party syndication rights
Media: Editorial website
Start: 22 September 2022
Duration: In perpetuity


Many thanks!

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On 26/10/2022 at 10:37, Marvin McAbee said:

The original buyer can use it forever but it can still be sold to others. That is my understanding.

and usage should follow the other conditions of licence. I just had one listing "single-placement- e-learning website&Social media", so added to my tracking list, and will refer to infringement team if i see any evidence of breach. 


though in my case i could only dream of a $3.79 licence.  not one tenth of that

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