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Hi, I'm excitedly waiting for your ideas about my portfolio :)


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In my view, these images are more suited to micro stock.  You are spamming keywords.  I would suggest you cut down your key words to those directly relevant to the image.  Adding the word “green” to an image will not help.  A buyer is not going to use the word “green” to find an image.  Add Latin names for relevant items.  You will damage your CTR and possibly your ranking with non relevant keywords,  Use concise captions and relevant keywords.  Less is more.  


Before taking an image think why would a buyer want to use this image?  Check using the Alamy search box to see how many and what type of images match your keyword.  If there are thousands of images you may be wasting your time, unless your pictures are special in some way.  There are 5,700 pictures of walnuts on Alamy and over 96,000 of sunsets. 

Look at the threads images found and images sold to give an idea on what buyers are looking for.


I am not knocking your images but at Alamy getting pictures that buyers want and can find by good keywords and captions is the name of the game.  


Alamy is a long game and, normally, it takes large numbers of images before sales happen.



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20 hours ago, IanDavidson said:

Benim görüşüme göre, bu görüntüler mikro stok için daha uygundur. Anahtar kelimeleri spamlıyorsunuz. Anahtar kelimelerinizi doğrudan görselle alakalı olanlara ayırmanızı öneririm. Bir resme “yeşil” kelimesini eklemek yardımcı olmaz. Bir alıcı, bir görsel bulmak için “yeşil” kelimesini kullanmayacaktır. İlgili öğeler için Latince adlar ekleyin. Alakalı olmayan anahtar kelimeler, Kısa başlıklar ve alakalı anahtar kelimeler kullanın, TO'nuza ve muhtemelen sıralamanıza zarar verirsiniz. Az ama öz.  


Bir resim çekmeden önce bir alıcının neden bu resmi kullanmak isteyebileceğini düşünün. Anahtar kelimenizle kaç tane ve ne tür görselin eşleştiğini görmek için Alamy arama kutusunu kullanarak kontrol edin. Binlerce resim varsa, resimleriniz bir şekilde özel değilse, zamanınızı boşa harcıyor olabilirsiniz. Alamy'de 5.700 ceviz fotoğrafı ve 96.000'den fazla gün batımı var. 

Alıcıların ne aradığına dair bir fikir vermek için bulunan konu resimlerine ve satılan resimlere bakın.


Resimlerinizi çalmıyorum ama Alamy'de alıcıların istediği ve iyi anahtar kelimeler ve başlıklarla bulabileceği resimleri elde etmek oyunun adıdır.  


Alamy uzun bir oyundur ve normalde satışların gerçekleşmesi için çok sayıda görüntü gerekir.



Hello, thank you for your comments. I have a couple of questions. What should I do to avoid spamming on keywords? Do you think I'm spamming just because of irrelevant keywords? In another question, what kind of photos would you recommend for Alamy?



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1 minute ago, Burak said:

What should I do to avoid spamming on keywords? Do you think I'm spamming just because of irrelevant keywords?



Yes, irrelevant keywords


2 minutes ago, Burak said:

what kind of photos would you recommend for Alamy?




But bear in mind, many people won't be putting their best sellers in this thread.



I suggest you Google what 'editorial photos' are. Have a look at magazines, websites, newspapers for editorial images, they're everywhere, so you get an idea of what sells. E.g.



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So many of your first 50 or so images are microstock fodder. One suggestion, get away from isolating small objects on white and get out there and photograph people at their jobs, family scenes, well-known shopfronts that might end up in the news eventually. The fronts of hospitals, small emergency center clinics. Police cars. Delivery vans.

If you do want to isolate, then do it with food. The box of cereal, a can of fruit, a can of tuna, popular brands of food. A package of pasta.  A cellphone, a pair of bifocals, things people use in their lives. And don’t have so many similars, as in 5-10 of the same object. You have 5 of a pile of almonds where one horizontal, one vertical will do. Some things can have more than two, like in the case of food where you might shoot a plate of food without utensils and with, horizontals & verticals.

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