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Starting a portfolio what do people think?

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Hi Nick, welcome. There's not many images to comment on yet, but on the other hand, it's good to get some advice and start off in the right direction!


I'm going to give you some pointers; if you have a look at other people's portfolio critiques, you'll see detailed responses from me and other users on these topics. You should consider:

  • Be more selective with your subject matter. What can you imagine your image selling for, what concept or story does it illustrate? Don't waste time on unsaleable content. Keep a look out for published stock photos so you get an idea of the market. Be aware that Alamy mainly sells editorial content, which is a different market to most microstock.
  • Captions not specific enough.
  • Keyword spamming (too many irrelevant keywords) which will drop your image positions in the search engine.
  • Lighting in the bush photo is bad / subject looks underexposed.

Best of luck,



p.s. you can see a contributor's photos by clicking on the 'images' number below their pseudonym in the Forum.

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On 09/06/2022 at 12:47, Steve F said:


p.s. you can see a contributor's photos by clicking on the 'images' number below their pseudonym in the Forum.


Or at least we used to be able to do that before screwup 500 arrived. 

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Hi Nick, sorry to be so blunt but I find these images fairly dark and with no real interesting and useful subject matter and to make matters worse, your captions and keywords are so vague, no buyer will ever find them.  Keywords and captions MUST be very accurate and descriptive as to what exactly is in the photo.  It's okay to have a few vague terms but more important to answer the WHERE and WHAT questions.  Imagine you are describing your photos to someone who can't see them.  The more accurate info you provide the better for all involved.

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