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Hopefully this topic isn't infringing the forum rules........

Does anyone sell 'art prints' ie unframed photos / digital art etc  directly to the retail trade ? If so what margins do retailers expect ?




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If you were selling to a "normal" retailer, the traditional margin is x5. But if it were something more like a crafty outlet, you might get a 50/50 split. It is because traditional retail thinking is creeping into the photography sales that the likes of G and SS are looking towards letting the photographers only take 20%. And why the starting point here is going towards 20%. And it's 2o% of a lot less!

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37 minutes ago, geoff s said:

Thanks Robert - could you clarify what you mean by  x5 for traditional margin please.   Maybe a very simple example with numbers - sorry but I am fairly dim on the maths front

It means you'll get a fifth of what they sell the product for to the end customer.



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35 minutes ago, Robert M Estall said:

Yes, that is pretty well the standard retail model. You buy a $25 dollar radio in a shop, it cost $5 ex-factory. Same for a pair of shoes or a shirt.


This is why I buy locally made shoes -- the materials probably cost half of the price, but the guy who put the shoes together gets the other half and also gets to see what the customer thinks of the shoes.  Same with my carpenter -- he even sent someone over to check on how my bench was working out for me.  I suspect the guys who work for the shop owners don't make much, though. 

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I sell to local shops. Not prints, but greeting cards and a small book of my local images. (A 7 x 5” soft back book). The book costs me £2.70 a copy if I bulk buy (which I do). I sell to shops at £5 a copy. The usual rule of thumb with retail is that they sell at double the price they buy at. My book sells at £10 in shops.  I get cards printed for approx 50p each, I sell to shops for just over £1 each, they sell at between £2 and £2.50.  Each shop decides on their own selling price. 

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