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Should the forum be locked to contributors only?

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10 minutes ago, BobD said:

no great numbers seem to be interested.

The one I refer to has 1100 members apparently. But it is quite narrow and not too busy.

11 minutes ago, BobD said:

unrelated to stock.


ISTR it widened out a couple of years ago when people needed cheering up. Can't remember why, must have been something pretty important.;)

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On 16/03/2022 at 16:20, isphoto said:

It has been on my mind for a while. There are often topics on here about the ridiculously low fees paid by some customers for images. Should we not therefore lock (from any viewing) any discussion around fees to recognised contributors only. After all if I was a prospective customer and I saw the threads, i'd be pushing for substantial discounts. Like they say if you advertise it, they will want it


Just a thought.



I don't think locking the forum from public would fix this issue. Anyone purchasing stock images knows how inexpensive they can be, when other microstock agencies and free agencies advertise online; discussions are all over social media, forums, etc anyway. 


The question is interesting though.

What are the pros and cons if the forums become locked, really?


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In all the years I've been checking various threads on the forum, I'm sure I have never seen a comment from a client. A few dubious start-up threads from  tossers, but they seem to prowl around the web looking to waste everybody's time. Locking them out might be good, but they could just enjoy the challenge. Less chat about low prices would be good, but contributors are rightfully offended by the way things have been going lately

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