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Encouraging news? (perhaps)

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Tech giants face being forced to pay for news | News | The Times


Article in-depth read part is unfortunately behind paywall but you will understand the basics.

Could these be helpful for us contributors in these tough times and Alamy would have to build something into its pricing or come up with a mechanism to ensure contributors get a fee for picture reproductions.

I wouldn't expect it to be worth much but better than nothing given the shocking fees being reported this month by fellow-contributors.   

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The idea is that the likes of Facebook and Google would be required to pay for displaying news items published by media outlets. This would, in theory, increase income for those media outlets which could, in turn, improve the prices we are paid for for images used in those published stories. I  can't see though how Alamy could differentiate their image prices for published stories which are used by the large social media outlets and those which are not. The newspapers too often can't even properly keep track of which of our images they use in their own publication, let alone where those stories are then aggregated in third-party online outlets. If all this comes about, the newspapers might feel some sense of obligation to share some of their increased income with the likes of us, but I won't be booking my next holiday on the strength of that.

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