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Very good point, and it's possible that some on this forum have images in that composite. Why are Alamy doing this, testing the water, making a statement, having a laugh?


My initial reaction with any news of NFTs is that it must be a joke but obviously I've been wrong every time and someone (and it's never quite clear who) is running all the way to the digital bitcoin bank.

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Strange they'd even dip a toe in such an environmentally disastrous technology, given their alleged desire to be seen as an 'ethical' company!

That would be bound to put off at least as many customers as might be attracted. Even just this sort of announcement.


Is there any hard evidence that there are real customers who refuse to use Alamy because they only use traditional currencies?


It seems that there are one or two crypto shills in every group I'm in, trying to persuade uninterested/antipathetic others that it's the only way forward.

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