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legal fee deductions after 24 july how much

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10 minutes ago, Jools Elliott said:

And this is why I do infringements myself because of these shenanigans.


Once you get used to what needs to be done it is very simple.



issue is 4.6 starting tomorrow makes this a bit more onerous.  



  1. In the event you become aware of any alleged copyright infringements in respect of the Content, you will: (i) contact Alamy first to check whether a permitted download or licence has been made; and (ii) will not contact the user of the Content unless and until Alamy advises you that it will not be pursuing the alleged infringement in accordance with clause 16.


with added issue that 

means any digitised photograph, footage, illustration, other media of whatever nature which you submit to Alamy at any time during the term of this Contract.




does not even stop once you have removed the image from Alamy.  

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