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Help with Image Manager



I am having trouble with the Image Manager.  After I upload my pics, I go to the Image Manager. On my screne is a column on th elft with the names of uploads. In the middle where there is supposed to be the pics associated with the upload, I get a middle column that says "Filter - Search" Nothing under this is a life link. On the right, I have the "Images Selected" and Mandatory/Optional. None of these are live.  When I click on a submission on the left, 3 square dots appear for a milisecond and then it reverts to the "Filter-Search" column mentioned above. Any suggestions??

[It would he helpful if Alamy had a live chart or contributor help phone line].

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The only way I got that was by choosing the Filter - search. When I went back and clicked on the submission on the left all was well. If you have had more submissions I'd try clicking on different ones to see what happens.



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Yes, Alamy skillfully hides a link to any help for contributors on his site.

The current situation is that if I have a problem, I will ask in the forum. It is caused by the complexity and search for official help. It is clear that this condition suits Alamy

This state should end !!! Alamy should clearly declare its assistance to the contributors and take responsibility.

It would be an expression of professionalism and a move for the better.

I see the persistence of the current situation as a shortcoming.

With the 20% profit we are losing, Alamy should invest in solving this problem.
I imagine a strong and visible side of Alamy help or Alamy support

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