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  1. Your leaf doesn't have the long pointy bits John's does. It's just plain maple.
  2. Generally, atmospheric perspective in photography is either in the scene or not. It's not like in painting, where an artist can add the effect to increase the apparent depth of the image. I suppose one could edit it into a photo, but that would be a lot of work.
  3. I sold on Alamy for years before discovering there was a forum. I suspect unhappy contributors are more likely to actively look for a forum, which would skew the statistics.
  4. I checked. Alamy's RF license does NOT allow reselling.
  5. You will notice I answered that, "No." after looking more closely at the contract.
  6. maybe not... That last bit is the important part. I don't seel so stupid now,
  7. well hell. I never intended to be selling my images for people to use on print on demand sites. I guess I'm leaving Alamy after all.
  8. Um, no... RF sales are not all equal. Some licenses allow broader use than others. Or has Alamy been cheating me all these years by selling extended licenses and only paying me for limited use?
  9. Thank you. I figured it was something simple I wasn't seeing. However, I notice some of the sales don't have any detail. They just say, "royalty free" and "vector"
  10. Once again, I must ask a dumb question. I did try to search for the answer, but without success. When I have a sale, there is the amount they sold it for, and the amount they are charging me for the sale (in two parts!) but I can't figure out how to see WHAT was sold. Not the image, what kind of license was sold for that image. How do I look that up?
  11. Be sure to select at least a few supertags for each image. I am finding your images in search.
  12. Sometimes people asking for help are just hoping they need to change a setting or something. They don't really want to WORK at it. This is something I have noticed particularly about photography. Beginners think it's "easy" because you get recognizable pictures right away. (unlike drawing, where you have to hone your eye-hand coordination before you can call anything "realistic") What they don't realize is that it takes a lot of work to learn how to make really GOOD photos. Some of these people only barely know which way to point the camera. Subtleties such as dept
  13. For all the "Autumn colors in the park", identify the trees. "yellow leaves on an elm" or something like that. Include the kind of tree in your keywords. Your photos aren't bad, but most of them also don't really stand out. Search for pictures of squirrels, and compare yours to what else is available. See if you can find a new, more interesting way to show a squirrel. It's not JUST numbers that get sales, you have to hone your craft. Pay closer attention to lighting and composition. Look for better angles. Pick only the best to submit. Re
  14. It's built like an explosives shed. Similar structures in the US were called "igloos", and used to store atomic bomb parts or chemical weapons under construction. History Guy video about bomb part storage Chemical weapons storage igloo
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