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Has anyone using the Safari browser on a MacBook Pro found that the 'zoom' feature on displayed images has disappeared.


I've cleaned cache, cookies and run 'Clean my Mac', and nothing changes it. I don't want to install another browser. I've been downloading images (of my own), just to do a quick check once in the portfolio, and that probably works better than 'zoom'.


Nonetheless it would be useful to know why it has disappeared. Alamy have suggested cleaning cache/cookies etc.


Thanks in advance ...

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4 hours ago, NYCat said:

No problem for me.




Thanks Paulette.

I have no idea why - it just happened at the time the Alamy image page changed. I can download and zoom on Preview, so not too much bother. It's just a mystery as to why its happened.

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No problem for me (Safari on MacBook Pro).


NB. Zoom on mouse hover only works in the grid (small thumbnails) view (see buttons at top right of screen). If large thumbnail view is selected, the zoom on mouse hover is disabled.



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