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A Good Use of "Self"

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Yes he is a cool young man... I have also  had a look at his Flickr site.. looks like he got over his anxiety  and is able to mix and take photos of people now days...but all his self portraits are brilliant ... 


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I think a lot of his famous work does well because it's essentially a story of him. Most of those pictures are something of the shy guy trying to get away, come out and shine. You can tell he's poured everything into the story of the pics, and as someone who doesn't know him, that does ring true. The briefcase dropped on the ground and the sheets of paper everywhere is a form of escaping from a job he doesn't like in my view. 


Great work. 

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This is a great example of someone using their life experience for inspiration.


It expresses the angst I would expect of a young shy guy who is starting out in life, but stuck delivering pizzas and probably living in his parents basement.


The question is, will he be able to maintain that inspiration once he is a rich and famous photographer, or will his photography be ruined by his success?


Will his creativity become consumed by getting his images through QC, total number of images, keywording, Zeiss lenses over kit lenses, ranking, etc. etc.

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