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They're selling my images for personal use...

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1 hour ago, Ed Rooney said:

Ann, April is the month for you to opt out of PU. See if you are in or out. 


This is incorrect. April is the month to opt out of NU (Novel Use). You can opt out of PU (Personal Use) any time by going to the Optional tab in AIM and tick the box 'do not sell for Personal Use'. I understand that the OP has already done that.

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25 minutes ago, Ed Rooney said:

Ohhh, that's right! Sorry. 🤪


No worries. It's an easy confusion to make. NU/PU.

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On 14/04/2021 at 05:00, DC shooter said:

I've designated my images not to be sold for personal use. But they're selling them for personal use. What can I do?


I just did a quick check and not all of your images have PU turned off



Image ID: DGB8PR



So you might want to go check to see which ones still have PU active.  However its a waste of time as they will just download for

Presentation or newsletters at the same price

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