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  1. I've designated my images not to be sold for personal use. But they're selling them for personal use. What can I do?
  2. I'm suddenly having trouble finding my images (that have sold) online with google image search. How do others find their sold images online?
  3. Folks, why are we using terms like "infringers" and "non-payers?" THIS IS IMAGE THEFT! What about reporting them to law enforcement and suing them? As long as they don't have to pay any consequences, they won't change. Also, how about mentioning this type of image theft on twitter when it is found. Hashtag the name of the thief - #The Mirror - or whoever it is and let their viewers know that the publication engages in image theft!!! Until we take bigger steps, nothing new will happen.
  4. BqARBARAL - I hope you don't mind a suggestion - I think some of your images are very salable, but your key wording could be better. On the surfers, I would delete vague words like 'men' and replace them with 'surfing surfer surfers surf' and then add words that are more specific. You don't need to include commas between the words, and they take up valuable space. Good luck!
  5. I had had some black and white film images rejected by QC, so I am interested in other's experiences with black and white film. There is no way to remove all of the dust spots. Are images getting through anyway?
  6. Thank you, Mr. Spiers. Could you elaborate on your experience? Does each image sell for more, or are you selling more quantity because it's in the news feed? My concern is that, by putting them in the newsfeed, I'll only see $20 here and there, whereas if I put them up as stock, which might appeal to magazines, that I would actually earn more. For those who don't know, once an image is submitted via newsfeed, it is categorized as "news/archival." If it is submitted as stock, it is categorized as stock.
  7. Is the pricing for news/archival photos different from the pricing for regular stock images, which have a higher technical requirement? Anyone know definite answers to that question?
  8. I have submitted several times to the news feed, with no sign of any sales and no way to see the amount of views. So, I am thinking that regular stock images bring a higher price than news/archival images, so I have begun to submit my editorial images as stock only. Does anyone know how the prices for stock and news compare? Do you think it makes more sense to submit these images as regular stock? Thanks for your thoughts on this topic.
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