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I am new to Alamy, I admit it. It took a little while to pass QC but I got there. The problem is that when I try to upload files as JPEGs I just get the wheeling blue circle. If I reduce the file size they are refused. Is there a maximum size to try and send? My camera is a Nikon D850 and the Raw images are massive but the JPEGS are usually about 24 to 40 meg. Can anyone help before I reach for the antidepressants?.



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I don’t know what the problem is but it has nothing to do with file size being too large from a D850. It sounds like you are having a problem with your upload itself. How are you uploading? 

There used to be a maximum file size (pixel dimensions, not file size on disk) of 200MB but that seems to have disappeared. I am not sure but there may be a maximum pixel size for the long edge as I had a few very long panoramas fail to upload a little while back. However, if so, it is way way longer than the long edge of a file from a D850 (unless you are somehow inadvertently exporting the JPEG at a very increased file size). Note that file size on disk is irrelevant, only the pixel dimensions matter. The minimum pixel size is 17MB. 

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Hi Tony, welcome.  I use the Nikon D850 and regularly upload jpegs from this camera with no issues.  Maybe it is your connection.  I have a fiber optic connection and each photo takes just a few seconds (maybe 10) to upload to Alamy.

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