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Intellitxt adverts appearing on Alamy website - REALLY annoying

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Just today I have noticed random blue, underlined links to unwanted adverts appearing on some pages on Alamy. The net seems to agree that these are annoying but harmless 'Intellitx' which is something added by the website writer and works in conjunction with Google.


I find it hard to believe that Alamy would deliberately participate in anything this irritating.

Does anyone else have the same problem, (I'm using Chrome) or know more than I do?


(Edit - one has just appeared in the post I just posted, on the word 'writer')

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I might be wrong, but that can be something called "text enhance virus". Nothing to panic about but - boooooring, annoying... 

Google to find how to get rid off. It was not simple for me - so I purchased (ca $30 / year) something called SpyHunter from Enigma Software Group

and it fixes the problems like that and etc....  

But you might miss all those adverts about Cute Thai Girls or Ecological Locally Produced Yams... etc, etc... :)

Good luck

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I think I've solved it. I had a much nastier problem with something called 'Tube Dimmer' which is a real problem and took some time to remove. It seems some remnant of that was left as a Google Chrome extension. I disabled that and the problem SEEMS to have gone.


Fingers crossed.


Thanks for checking

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