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Editorial use only

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Hello fellow photographers,


Maybe a beginners question but i dont mind :).


I am many times doubting about what includes editorial use. I am talking about in wich media unreleased editorial images can be used in. I am aware that it depends also per country but i am wondering if this images can be also used in books.... Books like travel, nature, technology....... If i would be a client can i use a unreleased editorial image for a travel book?


Thanks in advance.




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Commercial = advertising, marketing (releases needed)

Editorial = everything else. Books, magazines, newspapers.


For most editorial work, a release isn't needed. As long as you are honest about whether you have a release or not, it is up to the customer to decide whether they need one.


I have a lot of photos of people that have been published in books and magazines without a release.

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Mirco, the majority of my sales are editorial and of those photos sold with people, most of those do not have a release. Not sure about the laws in Poland, but in the U.S., and I believe in the UK, if a person is in the public domain they give up their rights of privacy and can have their likeness published for editorial use. I do have many photos in my library that do not include the subject's faces, cropped in camera at the shoulders for example, that are still editorial and are regular sellers because of the anonymous nature of the image.



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