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'Good Discoverability was introduced several years ago at the same time as the new Alamy Image Manger (AIM). Alamy say its intention is the encourage contributors to make better use of the caption and keywords (tags) field in order to make their images more discoverable by the search engine. As the number of keywords used approaches the maximum of 50, including 10 supertags, the Discoverability bar turns green.


In practice, most images do not need 50 keywords and maybe not even 10 supertags. Encouraging contributors to aim for 50 simply encourages keyword spamming where irrelvant or barely relevant keywords are included. This leads to false returns in search results which tends to be counter-productive as spam keywords are less likely to lead to zooms or sales. This in turn reduces the contributors CTR (click through rate) and impacts their ranking in the search results.


Most established contributors ignore the discoverability bar, simply aiming to caption and keywords their images in a professional manner which properly describes the image and helps sellers to locate an image which is relevant to their search. The general opinon is that getting the discoverability bar to green gives no noticeable improvement in getting an image found in any given search, and is probably counter-productive, as I argued above. 

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Sound advice from John and Joseph.


I've found this in the FAQ section...


Q. My images say ‘Poor discoverability, how do I improve?
A. The more searchable information you enter the more ‘discoverable’ your image will become. i.e. tags, supertags & completing optional information. The discoverability bar isn’t reading the quality of your metadata, it just increases with the volume of searchable information you enter. You don’t have to optimize all your images, there will be some that don’t require the full quota of tags etc.


My italics.


Stay safe.🦔


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