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Lack of USA sales for UK contributor

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8 hours ago, geogphotos said:

Only silver lining I can think of with very expensive textbooks is additional photocopying which if it happens in UK helps with DACS,


The trend here, for high school text books anyway, is for textbook publishers to offer schools subscriptions to electronic editions of textbooks, which still use a lot of photos. Students are then given an access code.

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5 hours ago, meanderingemu said:



yes we all have to pull together, and this doesn't only apply to our neighbour country.  The ways they have set have a risk to affect many more countries, as he has now developed a road map for others to derive from.  The world's democracies in these challenging times will be greatly challenged I fear



note: this is not a comment on the side of the politics but on the delivery message.  in Canada we now how multiple sides using the no content, no solution, conspiracy methodology of politics


Exactement, monsieur.

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On 20/11/2020 at 00:53, Bryan said:

I'm too bone idle to do the stats, but my gut feeling is that my small collection of photos taken in the USA far outperforms my general portfolio, both in terms of numbers sold per image available and income per sale, and of these most sales are to the US.  


On the other hand my pictures taken on the continent of Europe, of which I have many, considerably underperform my UK collection, and this is more of an issue in my view.


That's probably not surprising. European cities have been photographed to death. Your US images might start doing even better now that there is going to be a more global-friendly administration in the White House. Tourism to the US could pick up considerably next year, especially when vaccines make travel safer. That said, I find that images of less-visited places often do the best these days. Now I've gone and contradicted myself again... 😨

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