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Artwork confusion



I own a number of unique artworks by relatively well-known "street" artists, although these items are not "street art" (murals) they small artworks hung inside my home ;)


I realise that the artists own the copyright, but can I submit photos of them to Alamy for editorial use? And if so do I need to apply the 1/3 rule (as here: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/understanding-stock-image-licensing/?section=6) or is that only for marking the image as exclusive? 


One of the items was created for me by the artist so no other photos of it exist, so could I mark it as exclusive even if it covers more than 1/3 of the frame?


Many thanks!

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for flat art work you are likely safer to have it in context.


as for exclusive, Alamy thinks this clarifies the position on Artwork



To add some clarity to the artwork element to this:


The spirit of the clause in the contract is around flat artwork. Mostly around those artworks that have images in the public domain. We're not talking about walking route signs nailed to trees, a blanket your grandparent knitted or just about anything in a 3d space. It's not possible for us to exhaustively define what is and isn't artwork - but this is the spirit of it. If you have images of artwork that are in the public domain that do not show a wider context then these cannot be marked as exclusive on Alamy. If you have any image that is on another reselling site, outside of your own personal one, this cannot be marked as exclusive to Alamy.


For further clarity, you can mark images of stained glass windows as exclusive to Alamy provided you do not licence them on any other stock sites.






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