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Hi everyone, as some of you may recall I sold an image in July this year which (or part of which) is to be used on the reverse of a  new $10 polymer banknote in Trinidad & Tobago.


My massive thanks again to Wim for actually finding out which note it's going on!  I'm still massively chuffed about this!  It's really made my year !   I thought the new notes were going to be circulated September/October, however for the $5 / $10 and $20 it looks like October.  


Try as I might I still haven't managed to get hold of one of the new notes, it's probably still early days yet maybe.  I did message the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago a while ago via F/Book but they seem to offer only a walk in service.  I found out the printers of the new notes are De La Rue, a company in the UK but they will only deal with the person who contracted them.


I did find out that tomorrow 27th October at 10 a.m., the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago are holding a media briefing on both Facebook and Youtube on the new $5, $10 and $20 dollar notes so I'm really hoping to see a bit more.


Anyway thank you again Wim, I have my doubts as to whether I would have found it without you help !


I'm not sure whether the link below will work😉








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Many thanks again Wim, a good point indeed.  It doesn't actually specify GMT but I will check at 10 a.m., also later at 2pm.


The have also just issued a reminder for the 10am presentation and also for a download at 9.30 a.m., again GMT isn't specified.


Media Briefing Powerpoint Presentation - Introduction of the $5, $10 and $20 polymer notes - will be available for download on the Central Bank's website (www.central-bank.org.tt) at 9:30 a.m. on October 27, 2020.


I hope to catch it one way or the other !😀



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I managed to catch the presentation at 2 p.m., so thank you again Wim for pointing out the GMT difference.  Was pleased I got to watch the introduction of the new notes especially the $10 one😀   It was confirmed that the new $5, $10 & $20 dollar notes will go into circulation this November and will run alongside the old ones for the time being.


Still feeling massively humbled and over the moon to have an image on a banknote.....



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