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Mushroom question

John Mitchell


Does anyone recognize this mushroom? I thought it might be a Common Lacarria (Lacarria laccata). However, it doesn't have a dent in the cap, so I'm not sure. 


UPDATE: Or perhaps it's a Fairy Ring Mushroom (Marasmius oreades)? They have raised caps.




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9 hours ago, Allan Bell said:


Looks more like a Tawny Grisette in my book.


Marasmius oreades is not as flat as in your image.





Thanks, Allan. Tawny Grisette doesn't show up in my "Common Mushrooms of the Northwest" guide, but I'll check it out.


P.S. Do you know anything about bunnies?


UPDATE: I found this picture of the Tawny Grisette on a UK website (I believe). It certainly looks similar to the mushroom that I photographed. However, mine doesn't have the ridges along the top (edges) of the cap.

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