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Coming soon to Lightroom-Advanced Color Grading

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It is interesting alright. Colour wheels are another way of manipulating images. They don’t do anything new or different from what you can do in Lightroom already but offer an alternative approach to reaching the same destination. I only came across them when I started editing video this year in Final Cut Pro and I tend to use them first when starting on a new video edit before maybe doing more refined curve edits. I am not sure if I will make a lot of use of them in Lightroom for my images but I think it is a good move. I would like to see more integration of the video and stills editing tools anyway. A vectorscope would be a really good addition for assessing skin tones for sure. 


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As the presenter stated, the main difference from split toning is being able to adjust the midtone colours. I've already tried it in the beta testing version and it is far more precise than split toning.

It's also a lot of fun to play around with. I may have to re-do half of my images 😄


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Yeah maybe I am misunderstanding how it works as I tend to think of colour wheels as a primary colour grading tool for video similar to what you can do with the  Basic panel in combo maybe with Curves but less powerful whereas it is being presented as an advanced split toner. I only tend to use toning for monochrome images. Anyway it's very interesting and i am looking forward to it being implemented. Thanks for posting.

EDIT: I am used to the colour wheels in Final Cut Pro X which may be different from the Adobe Premier version.

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