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  1. I often go back and reprocess old images or even more recent ones that I think I can improve or make a different version of for Alamy. After watching this video I learned that there is another reason to turn your attention to older photos. I like to think my processing skills have improved and I know the software has gotten better. He talks about color rendering and demosaicing have improved for older cameras, He states towards the end of the video that Capture One and Lightroom have evolved over the years to give better results making it worthwhile to revisit those older images.
  2. My analysis of the new version of Lightroom, 7.3. Revolutionary changes and unexpected integration with Photoshop!
  3. I have a strange problem when using Jim Keir's Alamy Lightroom bridge. I spend quite a lot of effort trying to get my metadata fully optimised (10 supertags/50 tags, and ensuring everything is filled in). The bars on each image shows full green. Not a problem. However, when I use the plugin to do a "Set Alamy Data" the discoverability bar on the left side image grid shows orange, but the discoverability bar on the right side image summary shows full green. It's only when I change the Primary or Secondary Category does it pop back to full green indicating it's optimised. Has anyone else seen this issue, and do you know of a simple solution, rather than having to reset the category on every affected image? 2018-03-28 20.31.09.png?dl=0 Stephen.
  4. A complete real life post processing for a evening cityscape, using most tools in Lightroom
  5. Lightroom complete post processing, using all tools available
  6. How to use the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom
  7. How to use the Radial filter, a very powerful local adjustment
  8. How to use the Graduated Filter for local adjustments
  9. Hi, I have lost my lightroom catalog and with it much to the relations between my alamy uploaded photos and the store photos in my pc. I was able to restore many of them as long as they were upload with the same name they have now, and had the imp file. For the remaining ones I was trying to use the condition in the alamy plugin for lightroom to exclude file prefix and only use the original filename (ex. original file P123.orfc uploaded to alamy now has name portugal-P123.orf) but it seems I am not getting it right. Has any of you used this functionality with success? My plugin version is 1.0.6646 Thanks
  10. How to use Hue, Saturation and Luminance in Lightroom for fine tuning specific color ranges in a very selective way
  11. Lightroom Tone Curve tutorial

    All you need to know about Tone Curve in Lightroom
  12. How to edit timelapses

    All you need to know about post processing timelapses using Lightroom and After Effects
  13. Two examples of complete editing workflow using only the Basic Panel in Lightroom
  14. I have seen recently a lot of discussions about the standalone Lightroom vs the CC subscription. My favorite tool is only available through the subscription, the magic Dehaze slider, in my opinion worth on its own the $10 per month. I have also found a tiny little bug...
  15. Lightroom Vibrance and Saturation

    Lightroom Vibrance and Saturation, all you need to know about managing color intensity
  16. All you need to know about white balance in Lightroom
  17. Don't worry, Vic is here to help you
  18. Lightroom: Color grading in the basic panel of Develop Module. Your comments very much welcome
  19. Introduction to time lapses

    If you are interested in time lapses, you don't want to miss this one
  20. New Lightroom video tutorial Cropping, import preset, chromatic aberration, lens distortion, transform upright. I look forward to your comments. Many thanks Preparing images for editing
  21. New Lightroom tutorial: The Develop Module interface Your comments very much appreciated. Thanks
  22. Lightroom tutorial video

    Library filter and collections. All comments welcome. Many thanks
  23. Keywording in Lightroom tutorial

    New video tutorial: All about keywording in Lightroom. Your comments very much appreciated. Thanks
  24. Lightroom tutorial video: Ranking, selecting and color coding. I look forward to your comments. Thanks