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Yesterday, I had a PU sale from early July refunded, so I went looking for illegal uses since it was a questionable subject (women's clothing hanging on a rack) for personal use. The only thing I came up with on Google was a downloaded preview of the image -- with all the Alamy markings still intact -- being used for advertising purposes on a commercial website in Mexico. This is fairly common of course -- i.e. people download comps and then use them online for various purposes. I sent a message through the website telling them to take the image down, but I don't expect to get a response. What do others do in cases like this? Is it worth pursuing this type of infringement further?

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8 hours ago, losdemas said:

Apologies for the late reply: only just seen your post.


Personally, I generally ignore anything with Alamy watermarks on it. If you want, you could report it to Alamy. Will they do anything? Let us know.


Thanks for the reply. Better late than never. I generally ignore watermarked images as well. However,  it bothers me more when they are being used commercially -- i.e. to sell something -- then on a blog or tacky editorial website. But I guess it's not worth losing sleep over this kind of thing.

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