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Got a "sold" image bought on 24 February 2020 for $28.00, that was refunded yesterday, July 7th. What's going on? More than four months later. That raises the question: do these people used the image, and waited a while before asking a refund? It's not the first time, and it may become more common. I understand that some buyers may not use an image, but asking for a refund more than four months later is grotesque, and a possible rip off. Alamy should put a time limit for refunds. 

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Alamy has a generous refund policy, on the grounds that publishing projects can be cancelled, among others. I'm sure users warrant that they haven't used a refunded licence.

This isn't new. You've been here long enough  and if it's your first refund you're very fortunate.

You can always keep an eye on the file to see if it's used.

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when I operated as an agency in a very small way, pretty well the only reason for issuing a refund was a way of claiming back the VAT on a sale which had turned into a bad debt. Tony Stone's accounts used to show refunds from time to time and I came to reckon that was salesmen perhaps making some sales to meet targets and showing them sliding away later. I had an Italian agency certainly operated that way occasionally. In an earlier life I worked in sales for a specialist oil company and would have to admit to similar practices once in a while. I'm not suggesting any of that at Alamy, there would be no point in doing it on lower value sales and there is no indication of any trend in that direction.


Refunds always leave a bad taste somewhere

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