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Is this Philadelphia?

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Possibly, the middle one appears to show the distinctive city hall in the distance. Otherwise, they could be any city in the Northeastern US. However, there's one more clue - the cars have no front (number) plates. This means Pennsylvania. If it were Baltimore, New York, New Haven, Boston or Washington, DC, the cars would have front plates. 

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The bottom one took me by surprise because the cars are newer and the Conoco filling station brand didn't exist in the seventies. 


Another clue: the streets are very flat. No place in Pittsburgh is that flat and it seems a bit too big city for Allentown. Philadelphia is pretty level and easy to walk.

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4 minutes ago, Brian Yarvin said:

Wim, you'll never believe this, but I walked on that street in that direction during the first week of February. For the life of me, I don't know how I didn't recognize it. 


For me it's been a while. 😁

Actually it's from that bridge from Penn's Landing. I may have parked the car there.

One of our friends used to live in Philly before moving to DC. And we visited it in the eighties.

And we went to see Randy Newman in the Keswick once.






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Fantastic urban exploration Wim. I just couldn't find any bearings. So the two streets are actually next to each other. 


The previous slide in the sequence was this one, but then after these it is New York and before these it was New Orleans. This was the trip when they travelled a lot. 





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Most of the time I find myself walking in that neighborhood, I'm rushing back to the station, wondering if I can make my train without taking a cab. It's been six or seven years since I've seen a show at the Keswick (the Tedeschi Trucks Band I think), I remember that it had been a decade or two between shows. 

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