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downloading own images from Alamy image manager



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1 hour ago, spacecadet said:

IIRC geogphotos was granted access after he lost some images in a disk crash. But not routinely, no.


This was going to involve quite a lot of staff time and so I offered to pay a commensurate fee, that offer was accepted and then taken off my future commission.


But this is not a normal service and before that I had been politely turned down several times on the basis that Alamy is not an image storage service. 


It could well be a modest money-maker for Alamy in offering a 'contingency back-up' but not something they routinely do at the moment - worth making contact though.

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4 hours ago, allanwrightphoto said:

OK I get the picture - just curious how it might work as a contingency back-up and also a time saving excercise after more thorough keywording had been done.


Obviously there's loads of cloud storage options but Photshelter websites allow downloads, for yourself or anyone else you give that option to, and you have potentially a pretty decent website as well, for a relatively small annual fee depending upon how much space you need. Note that all the images don't have to be on display in your public facing galleries, they can be hidden, or placed in the 'Archive' where they are displayed in a slightly different manner.

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