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After QC - Image Manger - Pictures in No Particular Order

Kent Johnson

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I can't help but notice that after my images have passed QC they are in what seems to be in the image manager in a mostly random sequence .  On occasion some images that go together are grouped together, but others are split apart. The pictures do not seem to be sorted by date/time or even by filename as far as I can tell - I suspect it's fixed by upload timing. This is an issue of some significance as I am typically uploading around 50 or so pictures at a time, often of differning shot dates and subjects. They should be grouped to speed up work flow but I have to jump about trying to locate them. It's not very efficient.


Would it be possible to sort by date shot? Or to have the facility to sort by date or filename in the image manager?

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2 hours ago, meanderingemu said:

not really a change. but a workaround.  I just upload them in different submissions batch, of not more than 10.  Also makes it easier later when i rework KW. months later

Thanks M.E. it's a temping work around. THough i don't see why we cant have some sort of - sort actions - 'by date' 'filename'. As one might expect. My latest upload is 156 pictures and other than a couple of 'sets' the images are strewn across a wide number of rows. It does make things a lot more difficult and I've had to work on not getting cranky! We know they use the date stamp in the meta so i imagine it should not be too hard to implement a sort action. Might take your advice and do my next upload in 'sets' though. Thank you.

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