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  1. I can't help but notice that after my images have passed QC they are in what seems to be in the image manager in a mostly random sequence . On occasion some images that go together are grouped together, but others are split apart. The pictures do not seem to be sorted by date/time or even by filename as far as I can tell - I suspect it's fixed by upload timing. This is an issue of some significance as I am typically uploading around 50 or so pictures at a time, often of differning shot dates and subjects. They should be grouped to speed up work flow but I have to jump about trying to locate them. It's not very efficient. Would it be possible to sort by date shot? Or to have the facility to sort by date or filename in the image manager?
  2. Safari for Mac 10.14.3 stopped aligning the picture display side on the left with the fill in the blanks section on the right. I can't see the images and the sections for adding captions and keywords at the same time. There's a huge chunk of white space that I have to scroll down to get to the section for additing information and the pictures at the top disappear as I scroll down. I can see things as they had been displaying earlier in Safari when I switch to Firefox.
  3. I have uploaded a group of images from a shoot where there are 3 basic subsets. I want to be able to search for "locomotive 6777", or "locomotive 365", or "locomotive 765" from within only this one submission set. Then I can keyword and annotate that subset of images. I don't want to search (in this particular usage) my whole portfolio. Please add the Search capability to the confines of 1 or more selected submission batches.
  4. So I just stumbled across some of my images that I uploaded a while back which I haven't Supertagged. The problem with the current Discoverability is that it is basically an all or nothing deal. Once you get your images online (5 normal tags and a title) there is no difference between that and an image with super tags completed and the extra fields filled in until you get to the Optimised green stage. It would be useful to have an option to search and narrow down in AIM to the images which don't have a full set of Super tags and / or the additional fields completed. As it is now I am in the process of hunting down the images that I think were not Supertagged, which could be 1 or many images.
  5. I just logged in for the first time in ages (years), but can't seem to locate my own images. When I click on 'Alamy Image Manager', I'm taken to a 'Thanks for registering as a contributor' page, stepping me through the process of uploading my first images. I've found a link to my images (from the buyer's perspective), so I know they're still there. I just can't find a way to manage them. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  6. Good day to all, I am happy to have passed the QC of my initial 3 photos. I have done the whole process from a smartphone - transfering the photos from PC to iPhone. Later I've uploaded several other photos. Tagging and making them available for sale however is required for me to use the Image Manager which, unfortunately for me, does not work from smartphone; or I was not able to make it work in either iOS Safari or Chrome. I am a seaman and, by job's circumstances, I get to capture some situations not easily accessible to most people. On board vessel access to internet is restricted for me not only by traffic but by means as well - I can only use the phone. While I have a workaround iTunes transfering the photos to the phone without being crippled, I still need some help how to deal with making Image Manager working on my phone. Does anyone have a solution for this? I mean, I heard about profesional photographers shooting on various locations and, after post processing on PC, placing them on sale using their phones. Alamy has no such feature? Thank you in advance, Ciprian
  7. Hello camera ppl, Recently I shot landscape photo and not sure what settings to use on 'Image Manager'? After a search on Alamy for London (&other street photography) I found many Images marked as 'No Properties' on their images, and this made me confused. English is my 5th language and when it comes to using/understanding technical words I can get easily lost Recently I photographed coastal landscape with a church and lighthouse within my image (no ppl). How do I know if I need property release for such buildings and what adjustments best to use in 'Image Manager' - 'Optional tab'?
  8. I mistakenly uploaded an image twice. How do I remove an image using the Alamy Image Manager? There's no delete button!
  9. I've just had my first three photos accepted, and I'm a little confused by the apparent disagreement between 'My dashboard' and the Image Manager. On the 'My dashboard' page, under 'Your status', all three images are included in the 'Images not on sale' cell. But the Image Manager lists all three images as 'On sale'. As I'm unable to find the images when searching on Alamy, and here, in the forum, to the left of this post, it still says I have 0 images, the Image Manager appears to be wrong. Is there anything I need to do in order to change the status of the images to 'On sale'?
  10. It's finally arrived... initial thoughts are that I like it! Thanks Alamy!
  11. Would like to offer some fixes/improvements to Image Manager that can make dealing with it to Alamy contributors more effective and convenient: -get rid of extra click When user works with images one-by-one, after finishing with current one he goes to next one, selecting it. But previous one remains selected. Worth to change this behavior in case Ctrl or Shift is not pressed: when another image is selected previous one has to become unselected. Otherwise in normal conditions user is forced to click twice: first to unselect current image (returning to it if he forgot to do that at once), then to select new one. Every time. So at this stage total click count is factually doubled for no reason. -possibility to hide failed submissions (and also zero submissions and passed ones with all images deleted) from the list on the left (and exclude them from images count) Normally nobody needs to have them there. They take space and mix with passed ones. They also counted in total images count - that is factually wrong and just misleads users. Deleted images from submissions has also to be excluded from total images count. Now output data is wrong. -possibility to hide upper part of central section Its upper part (where pull-down selectors are (quality control, pseudonyms etc.)) normally is not needed to stay on screen constantly for general operations and on small screens takes up to the half of a screen height. Defenitely worth to make this section foldable to the top in case it is not needed right now. -issue with text insertion (with Ctrl+V) to the 'Add new tags' field When any text is inserted it automatically goes to tags 'as is'. That is a bug must be: taking tags-related text from somewhere user often needs to edit it first (put commas to separate, make proper wording etc.) -issue with 'Date taken' When submission is passed, there is automatically certain date is set to all images. Clear that this date has no relation to factual date when photo was shot. So for keeping this info actual, user (if he notices that at all) has each time to manually either change date or clear it. Worth to set this field blank for new submissions, otherwise in most cases this info will be and stay wrong. -to place 'Delete selected image' option at more predictable place Suppose, almost nobody expects to find this option at 'Optional' section (no logics in that), especially at the bottom of it. -to clarify pop-up note to 'Only available on Alamy' ('Optional' section) Worth to let user understand correctly what 'only available on Alamy' means: is it about image availability on sale somewhere else or just about its simple presence somewhere in internet (at photographer's private blog or promotional page may be). There are some other IM issues, of course, but these are key ones for me as Alamy contributor presently. With thanks to your time.
  12. Anyone else finding the new Image Manager really fiddly to use? I have a Wacom tablet and trying to click the stars is driving me nuts, they just don't respond. And I keep forgetting that another photo might be highlighted so add irrelevant words and also finding the grey key words / black key words confusing. If it's just me, please let me know!
  13. Current implementation of supertags makes the image manager unusable as there simply aren't enough hours in the day to click the yellow stars. By the 3rd image I'm losing the will to live, by the 4th I've given up completely. Simpler way would be either to auto populate the super tags from the first 10 key words in the IPTC meta data (they could still be editable for those that keyword online). Or make the super tags section a simple text box so we can paste in to it. Also would be easier if the tags were displayed in alphabetical order.
  14. 1. Most frustratingly, the left and right arrows take you back and forward through the images which is fair enough. However, it makes editing captions, descriptions a right old pain when viewing images in the expanded view: you have to use your mouse to position the cursor over the text you want to edit. The other annoyance is that if you have a number of images selected, any moving left/right (in expanded view) really should move to the next selected image, not the next image which may or may not be selected. Also: can the expanded view be bigger (e.g. sized to 80% of the screen size), after all, if we want a bigger view of an image, why not give the biggest you can fit on the screen, while keeping the metadata box. 2. Clicking on tags to select/deselect requires a degree of accuracy. It's not good enough to click within the box - you have to click on the text itself, can be frustratingly difficult when trying to select many tags. 3. I'd like to be able to delete multiple tags in one go, for example, holding CTRL or SHIFT to select multiple tags, then a single click to delete. It will make my job of tidying up keywords on 25000+ images a lot quicker. 4. The location field is very hit-and-miss. Sometimes it shows a map sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I see the matching list of places, sometimes I don't (but can scroll through them with up/down buttons). It also jumps from right-justified to left-justified when selected, making editing frustrating - can't it just stay where it is? 5. I love the ability to join tags by dragging and dropping one over another - this has saved me so much time! However, when multiple images are selected which currently have more than 50 tags, I can't combine multiple tags saying "You've exceeded the number of tags on one or more of your images". Instead I have to select images individually until the tag count drops under 50 for all images, then I can continue with combining tags. I've tens of thousands of images with tags "United" and "Kingdom", that I'd like to combine without doing it on every single image individually. I'd like to be able to select multiple images and combine tags, even if I still have more than 50 tags afterwards. The same thing applies to supertags - when I have 10 and try to combine them on multiple images I get told I've exceeded the number of supertags - actually, I haven't as there now should be only 9! The whole point of doing this is to reduce the number of tags from the old system, and having this ability would make it easier to get to a more reasonable number of highly focused tags. 6. Image Type can't be changed if the images were uploaded as Live News or Reportage. Some images which have been uploaded as News would be better categorised as sport, for example. I'd like the ability to change this post upload. Anything you can do to relieve these frustrations would be greatly appreciated!
  15. I had decided that I wasn't going to care so much about the older images that were marked "orange". I don't have a lot of images, compared to a lot of you, but the idea of re-tagging almost 1500 images (including the ones in "that app") seems daunting and I'd much rather be editing new images to upload. I noticed that my stats seem to be down last month and this month, views have sort of dried up and sales, which were never much, have kind of died. So I did a random search on my images for "farmers market" and came up with a bunch of images that only had a couple of tags and the optional information was missing. Gee. I'm kinda bummed.
  16. I'm wondering what conclusions people are coming to on best practice for tagging and supertagging keywords and keyword phrases. I'm particularly concerned with the use of keyword phrases as a unit and whether to use the individual words from the phrase as a further tag. and which of these, if any, to assign as a super tag. In examining my legacy images I am finding in most cases that all the current super tags are single keywords which the Image Manager has assigned as such. For the most part I also have corresponding keyword phrases in my list of tags, but they are just ordinary tags. To use a fictionalised example, in keywording my image of the shop exterior of 'The Purple Scorpion Shoe Shop', I think it is best to supertag the whole phrase and probably 'purple scorpion' and 'shoe shop'. However what about the single keywords 'purple', 'scorpion', 'shoe', 'shop'. Each of these alone is capable of resulting in false positives. Should I just remove the supertag status from them? Should I delete the single keywords altogether and just rely on the keyword phrases? Any insights from those of you who have delved into these things? Such keyword editing as I have done so far doesn't seems to have much of a positive impact and I would like to know what is the best way forward as I strive to edit the next 2000 images.
  17. Does the Google Maps-powered location adding device in IM work for ANYONE?
  18. Alamy, please can we have our original Image Manager Back and also the original home page layout too! I have not got thousands of hours to optimize all my images or correct all the mistakes and meta data omissions ? Also, it is very slow at bringing up images too, particularly if they are a long way back in ones portfolio?!
  19. I did a search on IM for Toronto. Randomly clicked on an image of a sign for the Air Canada Centre. I noticed I didn't have Toronto in the keywords. Wondered if it was leaving out keywords so went to the image in Alamy database. Didn't have Toronto in either keywords or caption. A search in the database with Toronto does not bring up my image, but it does in IM. So it looks like IM also searches location as well as caption and keywords. If I search my Alamy Homepage it says I have 753 images with Toronto. In IM I have 815. I wish there was a way to know which ones were only in location. Jill
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