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"Optimal" keywording of images (car images).



Hello Alamy contributors!


I am on Alamy from 2009, yes it is ten years!. 


I shoot mostly (95%) cars.


I have about ~2500 images in total, but have them really bad keyworded. I need to keyword them from scratch. My discoverability is poor:

- about 900 images have poor discoverability. 

- about 1550 images have good discoverability

- None of them have "optimized" discoverability


I have read two forum threads about image discoverability. And I have read that to "move from yellow to green" I need about 40 keywords (including 10 marked with stars).

Keywording is for me quite difficult, could you have a look on this image and my keywords below to tell me if I am doing it properly?





I would describe this image like this:




2019 Ford Focus Active 1.5 EcoBoost Business-Line (Station Wagon, Orange Glow) - exterior, 3/4 view from front




10 most important keywords (marked with stars):



ford focus

ford focus active

focus active

2019 ford

2019 focus

focus station wagon

car station wagon 

compact car

family car


Other (less important) keywords:



2019 car



ford car

ford focus car

compact family car

car in front of woods

car on gravel

car off the road

orange station wagon

Orange Glow body exterior


Should I add anything? What? :)


Is it OK, should I change something? What to add, and what to remove?


Thank you, I appreciate Your help!!


Regards, Robert


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Search the forums here for past threads on the discoverability indicator.


If your current keywords and captions are lacking you should work to get them in better shape - but don't worry about the discoverability indicator.


There's nothing to be gained trying just to increase the "Discoverability" indicator if your keywords and captions are good.

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Check every keyword on AoA and see if clients are actually using those. Or even looking for images of the subject at all.


Like there have been 8 searches in all of 2019 for an image of a Ford Focus, and this is what clients have used to look for them:

ford focus 2019   2

ford focus black   1

black ford focus   1

ford focus 1999    1

ford focus              1

ford focus 2018    1

Ford Focus ST 3    1



It's a wise move that you have photoshopped a UK license plate in. The first image that comes up for ford focus 2019 looks to be your car, but with a rather prominent Polish number plate. Which will only sell to Poland I guess.




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For Automobiles you may want to add keywords that pertain to the models being UK or European models as they are usually quite different than the United States models of the same car.  Brands like Seat, Opel, and Peugeot aren't sold in the U.S. but Ford, Lexus, Toyota, Mazda, Honda etc. are.

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I've shot cars on and off since 2003. You might add keywords (if they apply): car, cars, auto, autos, automobile, motorcar, motorcars, transportation, [country of origin, i.e. Italy, Italian, USA, United States], classic, old, vintage, historic, historical, history, antique, nostalgia, restored, custom, customized, hotrod, hot rod, streetrod, street rod, muscle car, race, race car, [colors], [year], [decade i.e. 2010s], [make i.e. Chevrolet, Chevy], vehicle, convertible, coupe, sports car, super car, exotic.


Here are a couple keyword helpers. Plug in your basic info and see what keywords other people use in the libraries.




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