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What is zoom?



Hello! New Alamy contributor here. I've been browsing some threads and I see people referring to zoom or zooms. What is that exactly?


I did a search for it but still couldn't find a clear cut answer. Sounds like when your image shows up specifically when its title is searched for? Or something to that effect?


Also, is there any way to track which images of yours people have looked at, or where interested in? (but maybe didn't buy?)



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22 minutes ago, wiskerke said:

Go to:


(you have to be logged in)

There it says:

What are “Your Zooms”?

The number of times customers have clicked on your images to see the larger zoom view.




 Great, Thanks! I haven't clicked on that Pseudonym link yet because I quite honestly had no idea what it was for, LOL.


I saw someone elude to this on another thread, but when I'm trying to decide appropriate keywords for my images, I do search on the Alamy site to see what others have used, what types of images show up, maybe thinking of a keyboard I didn't think of, etc.  Does Alamy only track views for paid customers who are logged in?


After I've added images, I've done searches myself to see how my images are showing up. Does that count as a "View" on my own image? Of course, I don't want to hurt my own rating if I have Views but not Zooms. I also don't want to give myself Zooms because I actually want to know if customers are searching for images like mine.


Thoughts on that?


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