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  1. Great, Thanks! I haven't clicked on that Pseudonym link yet because I quite honestly had no idea what it was for, LOL. I saw someone elude to this on another thread, but when I'm trying to decide appropriate keywords for my images, I do search on the Alamy site to see what others have used, what types of images show up, maybe thinking of a keyboard I didn't think of, etc. Does Alamy only track views for paid customers who are logged in? After I've added images, I've done searches myself to see how my images are showing up. Does that count as a "View" on my own image? Of course, I don't want to hurt my own rating if I have Views but not Zooms. I also don't want to give myself Zooms because I actually want to know if customers are searching for images like mine. Thoughts on that?
  2. Hello! New Alamy contributor here. I've been browsing some threads and I see people referring to zoom or zooms. What is that exactly? I did a search for it but still couldn't find a clear cut answer. Sounds like when your image shows up specifically when its title is searched for? Or something to that effect? Also, is there any way to track which images of yours people have looked at, or where interested in? (but maybe didn't buy?) Thanks!
  3. I've re-looked through submission guidelines (and now I can't find the exact verbage) but when it read through everything, I interpreted it as the other files in THAT specific submission (with the rejected image) will automatically be denied. Not EVERYTHING you have in submission after that point, even what were in different photos shoots and completely different content and images. I didn't understand it that way when I read it. Now knowing that, I guess I'll only upload a few files and/or single photos shoots at a time. I'm not upset about the one image they rejected. I can understand it's got more HDR effect than they are looking for, the more I learn about the site, after I submitted those files. That's okay. Just not looking forward to re-uploading everything again! Because everything after that (in my opinion) was fine. Oh well, live and learn I guess. Honestly curious - which approved images of mine do you think are over processed?
  4. Hello! I am a brand new contributor to Alamy. I read through how the QC process works, but I clearly didn't understand it fully. And I'm very frustrated. So far, I have submitted 32 images total without a problem. QC approval seemed to go fairly quickly. However, I recently submitted 5 different groups (different submissions, according to the image manner) and it took FOUR DAYS to hear back from QC, which seemed extremely long since it states it should only take about 24 hours. Regardless, I had one single image that was rejected from a "batch" of 11 photos I submitted. But what got me frustrated and angry is that it then automatically rejected the other 47 images because of it!! Apparently, I should only upload one type/group of photo shoot at a time, in case this ever happens again? These were 5 completely different photo shots which is why I uploaded them in 5 different groups. The first batch on 11-29-19 (that had the one rejected image), the second through fourth batches also on 11-29-19, but the fifth batch on 12-3-19. And then I got notification that the one image failed, and I just looked now and see that EVERYTHING is rejected. Now what? Can I still resubmit everything? (minus the rejected image of course) I didn't realize that Alamy doesn't separate the batches, or dates of what you submit, and just automatically kills everything you've uploaded since that point. Suggestions? Tips? Words of advice? Thank you.
  5. Brand new contributor here! I'm working on my first few uploads (and forgive me if I missed any Newbie 101 threads on the forum .... I looked but didn't see?) but I am confused about the discoverability indicator on the top. I see it's talked about on this thread - is there more info somewhere about what that means or how to get it higher?
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